Inter Row Cultivator


The EFM Inter Row Cultivator has been built to weed between rows of growing crops efficiently and precisely.  

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


Every grower has to tackle the issue of weeds growing between crops to help maximise production therefore we have designed the EFM Inter Row Cultivator to aid this process as accurately, easily and quickly as possible.

The Inter Row Cultivator is able to be used in a variety of crops including cereals, vegetables and salads as well as any other crop that has sufficient row spacings.

The heavy duty main frame of the Inter Row Cultivator can be manufactured to various widths, rigid or hydraulic folding, front or rear mounted to suit operators requirements.

Between each row of growing crops the cultivator has individual independent parallel floating systems to ensure each unit follows the contours of the ground. A depth wheel is also fitted to each unit to maintain a constant working depth. 

Various options of weed control are available:

Spring Tines - are ideal for use in most crops and soil conditions when weed control and a light cultivation between rows is required. The spring tines are mounted to the frame in your desired formation and are available with the following width replicable points 25mm, 65mm, 100mm, 150mm & 250mm.

A & L Hoeing Units - are ideal for use in small crops when weeding without excessive soil disturbance is a propriety. The spring loaded A & L Blades are mounted to the frame in your desired formation and are available with a wide range of replicable point widths.

Finger Weeders – are used when weed control is require between plants in the row to be used in collaboration with either Spring Tines or A & L Hoeing Units. Available in 250mm dia, 290mm dia & 370mm dia, the hard wearing plastic fingers break down soil and uproot weeds.

The Inter Row Cultivator has three different steering options to choose from:

Camera Guided – our inter row guidance system allows the cultivator to automatically align itself with crop rows meaning there is less chance of operator error. Compatible with front or rear mounted machines.

Tractor Driven – the cultivator is operated and steered from the cab of the tractor with the operator manually making any adjustments to the line of work. Compatible with front or rear mounted machines.

Operator Driven – a seat is mounted to the back of the machine where an operator is positioned to be able to steer the Inter Row Cultivator using a hydraulic joystick. Only compatible with rear mounted machines.


  • Heavy duty main frame
  • Cat II linkage
  • Individual unit depth wheels
  • Spring Tines or A & L Hoeing Units
  • Hydraulic folding on machines wider than 1 bed

  • Front or rear mounted
  • Spring Tines or A & L Hoeing Units
  • Finger weeders
  • Operator driven, tractor driven or camera guided
  • Single camera kit
  • Double camera kit
  • Disconnector headstock cable for camera kit (front mounted machine only)
  • Angled bed wheels
  • Toolbar depth wheels
  • Crop protection guards
  • Bed shoulder discs
  • Ridger body
  • Band sprayer attachment