Comeb Inter Row Rotavator


The Comeb Inter Row Rotavator is designed for rotavating between rows of plants and herbs in all soil conditions. It breaks up any capping caused by heavy rain. This machine is mainly used for vegetable cultivation where precision is key.

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


The rotavator heads can be made in any width and quantity to suit your requirements.

The FLAR model is available in 14-76cm tilling head widths, suitable for narrow row spacings for crops such as carrots, parsnips, leeks, onions & beetroot. This machine is specifically designed for working in lighter soil types

The heavy duty machine is suitable for hard and stony soils or where deeper working is required. Particularly suitable for potatoes and pumpkins. Available in tilling head widths of 27 – 100cm.

The standard and heavy duty machines can be equipped with various accessories such as: ridgers, fertilizer box, depth skid, reinforced shield, shield spring, alternative depth skid type B, dual covers and dual lower bearings on the tiller heads.


  • Manual or hydraulic steering
  • Ridgers
  • Higher crop clearance
  • Fertilizer Box
  • Heavy or light duty depending on soil conditions