Side Shift


The EFM Side Shift has been designed to aid implement precision when undertaking operations such as deep cultivation, planting and weeding.

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When using the EFM Side Shift operators are able to significantly reduce any left to right movement that can occur when faced with side slopes, varying soil types or undulating terrain that the tractor is unable to correct.

 The EFM Side Shift is made up of two interconnecting independently sliding heavy duty plates. The overall width of the whole assembly from tractor hooks to hitch hooks is 400mm, therefore the weight of the implement is kept as close as possible to the tractor.

 The tractor mounted plate has the addition of two large hydraulic soil penetrating discs. Each disc bites into the ground acting as an anchor allowing the hydraulic system to push against the the discs ensuring the implement moves whilst keeping the tractor on its original path or AB line.

The second plate that connects to the implement is controlled by either GPS or our own camera system and is able to steer its self to ensure that the implement is as precise as possible, enabling the tractor and implement to be guided separately.

Chrome rods allow sideways movement of 150mm each way ensuring there is adequate travel for the implement to be kept perfectly aligned.

Access to the PTO shaft is also possible due to the design, ensuring a wide range of implements are able to be used in conjunction with the Side Shift.


  • Heavy duty plates for tractor & implement mounting
  • Cat III linkage mounted
  • Two large soil engaging discs
  • Access to PTO shaft


  • Camera kit including potentiometer