The Polywinder was developed to retrieve plastic plant coverings that are not going to be reused.

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The waste plastic is wound onto the tapered spool, an electro-hydraulic speed control valve ensures the removing speed of the plastic is matched to the tractor forward speed and working conditions.

Once the spool is filled the hydraulic opening arm allows the full reel of waste plastic to be dropped to the ground ready for removal and disposal.

  • The EFM Polywinder can be front or rear mounted to suit operators working preferences.
  • Two mounting positions to allow central or offset mounting to the tractor, allowing the machine to pull material centrally along the bed width when offset.
  • Winder can be positioned to pull in line with the tractor or at 90 degrees.
  • In cab control box for all moving parts including variable drum speed.
  • All functions can be isolated externally on the machine to safeguard personnel when working close to the machine such as when loading a new roll.
  • Very robust construction to cope with the leverage and drag of long pulls and heavy material.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Two three-point linkages
  • Front or rear mounted
  • In cab electro-hydraulic controls