The Polylayer has been designed to apply plastic to the top of beds to aid growth of crops in the early stages.

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There are many benefits to starting off crops under plastic, with the EFM Polylayer application of plastic could not be easier.

The width of the Polylayer is easily adjustable to suit various bed widths and widths of plastic that are to be applied.

The plastic is gravity fed to the ground and pressed into the soil with the large discs at the front of the machine. Two concave discs gather soil up at the sides to keep the plastic in place followed by large depth wheels that not only keep the machine at a consistent depth but also firm the sides of the gathered soil down ensuring that the plastic can not move.

Extra rolls of plastic are able to be stored on the top of the Polylayer so operators do not have to be delayed when a replacement is needed.


  • Completely adjustable for varying bed widths
  • Space for a spare rolls of plastic
  • Cat II linkage


Drip tape attachment