Material Winder


The Winders are a hassle-free way to remove covers that have reached the end of use be it to be reused or disposed of.

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The winders are designed for winding in Net, Fleece or Polythene before harvesting or once the crop is established and is no longer susceptible to adverse weather conditions. 

The material can be reused easily, once collected simply reverse the drive putting the net or plastic back down on top of a freshly planted crop. If the material has no further use it is easily collected up ready to be disposed of.

The net feeds over two hydraulicly tensioned hoops onto the rotating spool. The roller helps to remove any soil or debris from the net enabling tidier winding and less weight, making the net cleaner and easier to reuse.

The spool is driven by a variable speed hydraulic motor powered off the external hydraulic service of your tractor therefore the tractor requires a flow/return system. The variable speed motor is used to match your forward speed which tensions the net on the spool.

This machine can be front or rear mounted to suit operators’ preferences.


  • Front or rear 3-point linkage mounted
  • Rolling width adjusts hydraulically from 2.5 Metres to 3 Metres
  • 2.6 Metres transport width
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Galvanised frame and arm
  • Hydraulic tension adjustment
  • Powerful Danfoss 400cc motor
  • Full electric control or hydraulic spool control