Wolf Pro Transplanter


The Wolf Pro transplanter is a versatile all-round planter suitable for a wide range of products and applications.

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


The Wolf Pro has been designed for use with biodegradable mulch, black plastic or on open ground.

The transplanting units are equipped with a continuous rotation perforating cups distributor, parallelogram for constant depth control, large diameter 41 cm compacting wheels, side cleaning blades for the perforating cups. The operator’s weight is on the frame and not the transplanting unit.

The Wolf Pro is able to transplant peat clod-rooted co­nical, pyramidal or cubic seedlings.

The opening cams on the perforating cups are mechanically adjustable according to the size of the seedlings preventing them from opening too little or too much. The cups as easily accessible to be altered to suit operators needs.

The plant to plant spacing is fixed and related to the number of cups mounted on each plating unit, this allows the machine to make a small hole in the plastic, not a long tear.

The Wolf Pro Transplanter is versatile and easily adaptable being capable of row spacing of 250-2000cm and minimum row spacing of 30cm. Equipped with a distributor with perforating cups (from 1 to 8)

Specification: The Pro Wolf Transplanter is offered in 1 – 6 rows with larger machines available on request. Row spacings of 50cm. Each operator plants a single row.


  • Heavy duty toolbar built to required widths
  • Sloping or carousel plant carrying racks
  • Hydraulic bout markers
  • Hydraulic folding frame
  • Canopy
  • Localised and synchronised rear electric watering device.
  • Extra carrying racks
  • 4 x Cup sizes available




Wolf Pro
Plug/Bear Root - Plug
Tray holder (Standard) - 4 Sided
Minimum Row-row spacings - 300mm
Minimum Plant-plant spacings - 250mm – 2000mm
Line per operator - Single
Drive - Universal