Top 24 Planter


The Top 24 Planter is an efficient way of planting modular plants in the brassica family.

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The Checchi & Magli Top 24 planter allows one operator to feed two rows by releasing alternate plants from each unit., from 60-120cm row widths. This also means that the plants be can staggered much easier – therefore allowing the maximum light for plant growth and enables closer row-to-row spacings.


The planter is capable of 6,500 plants per hour per operator.


  • Heavy duty toolbar built to required widths
  • Hydraulic bout markers
  • Canopy
  • Knife coulters
  • Rapid shift wheels for ease of adjustment of in-row spacing
  • Extra carrying racks
  • Clod pushers

Top 24 Information Pack


Top 24
Plug/Bear Root - Plug
Tray holder (Standard) - Carousel 6 sided
Minimum Row-row spacings - 600mm – 1200mm
Minimum Plant-plant spacings - 140mm – 500mm
Line per operator - Dual
Drive - Universal