Sponge Drill


This simple, linear, mechanical sowing machine, is designed to sow plants in continuous rows.

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


The Sponge Drill is perfect for high-density salad crop such as spinach, beetroot and rocket salad.

The Sponge Drills offer an excellent compromise between simplicity of manufacturing and ease of use thanks to an electric transmission distribution system replaces the entire chain shift gear system. In cab control box and capacity to store 100 calibration setting in its memory.

Possibility to perform row or broadcast seeding of different types of seeds, from spinach, beetroot to rocket salad, without changing the distributor.

The distributors have 6 or 8 outlets. Hard or soft sponges are supplied to suit seed types.

The seed drill is equipped with 2 stainless steel seed rollers of 400mm diameter. Upon request, it is possible to assemble rubber coated rollers (440mm diameter).

Seed depth is infinitely adjustable therefore it is possible to obtain a uniform alteration of the seeding depth on both sides.


  • Frame & roller widths to suit customer requirements.
  • Hydraulically assisted front and rear rollers helps avoid soils sticking keeping the machine clean.
  • LPG Gas can also be added to heat both the front & rear roller to ensure the machine runs freely.

Sponge Drill Information pack