Small Seed Drill


The Agricola Italiana range of drills have been designed for sowing a wide range of small seed crops such as vegetables including Carrots, Swedes and Parsnips as well as Brassicas and Herbs.

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


Agricola Italiana have invested a lot of time and money in research and development of sowing naked parsnip seeds which has proved to be very successful as shown by our many satisfied customers.


  • A vacuum cleaner type seed saver attachment therefore at the end of the day or when changing varieties the hoppers can be emptied to ensure less seed loss.
  • For larger machines you can have a fixed frame or folding for transportation.

All machines are very versatile and can be fitted with as many seeding units as needed to meet your requirements and can be equipped with everything necessary to handle all different types of seed. Distance between rows can be easily altered by moving the units along the toolbar.
All machines are custom built to your specification, we recommend you contact us with your drilling requirements and we will be happy to advise you on the best machine for the job.


SN 1-130 - a single line drill (one line of seed per row). This machine is available up to 6M wide.

SNT 2-290 is designed for double line sowing and features two tandem seeding units, adjustable from 0-90mm.

SNT 3-290 is designed for triple line sowing and features three seeding units.

AI-640-SNT modular drill is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. It will accurately sow seeds at very small spacings across the whole width of the sowing bed. For example, spinach and baby carrots where high density of plant population is needed.

M-815-SN is a pedestrian hand operated machine, powered by a diesel engine with four forward gears and three backward gears.


  • Clod pushers
  • Choice of three different press wheels, rubber, stainless steel and cage wheel
  • Hydraulic markers
  • Micro-granulators