Power Harrow


The Moreni Power Harrows have been designed to leave a level and even finish ready for planting.

Find out how we can tailor this machine to suit your needs


Morieni offer a variety of sizes, HP requirements and rollers allowing the end user to tailor the machine to their exacting needs. Machines are rated from 250HP – 500HP whilst working widths range from 3 Metres ridged to 8 Metres hydraulic folding.

  • 3 Blades per rotor ensure that the ideal finish is created in one single pass.
  • 22.5cm Rotor – rotor spacings (4 rotors per Metre)
  • Robust gearbox with ‘one piece bearing holder’ cutting out the possibility of jamming due to stones or crop residue.
  • Heavy duty construction throughout.
  • Rear levelling boards are positioned near to the rotors guaranteeing a superior finish.

Special Moreni System on the Machine: 

The lower part has been completely redesigned integrating in a double labyrinth system the tine holder with the one piece bearing holder. The first works within the second, cutting out any possibility of jamming due to stones, crop residues or any other element.

The connection between the single cast special crown with an elongated sleeve and the shortened central shaft (75 mm), allows a perfect power transmission between gear box and gear wheels cascade. Thanks to Gear System and materials quality, Moreni’s harrows are able to work in all types of soil and in combination with high power.

The Dual System is the perfect line up between the heavy one piece steel nondeformable bearing holder and the pair of minimum tolerance ball bearings. This system ensures perfect rotors stability and an absolute protection from dust and crop residues through two double labyrinth seals.

Moreni rear leveling bar is designed to work near the rotors. This feature guarantees a better soil result. Our special bars are shock absorber to guarantee a steady flow of soil and to better withstand impacts.

Various packer types including crumbler, smooth, flexi coil & sharkfin
Standard or hardened blades