Vegetable Barrel Washer

After many years of refurbishing barrel washers for customers and also secondhand machines we had in stock, Edwards Farm Machinery have now started manufacturing them
The barrel is suspended on vee belts.
Inside a standard machine, you have rubber tubing fitted in a spiral to move the crop along the washer.

Machine Overview

As an option it is possible to fit a pimple lining to the machine, this helps to prevent crop damage. The machine is constructed of a Mild steel tank with stainless steel barrel.

  • The output of the washer is 2.5 / 3 tonne per hour.
  • The washer is available with or without the conveyor depending on type of use. If the conveyor is not needed, then a frame is required to put crates on to catch the crop as it comes out of the barrel.
  • The Conveyor comes with a spray bar which gives a final rinse with clean water. Bigger washers are available and are built to the customers requirements.