Universal Haulm Pulveriser

The Edwards Farm Machinery Universal Haulm Pulveriser has been designed for professional growers of root crops. It is suitable for mounting to both the front and rear of the tractor. It’s heavy-duty design enables years of trouble free service.



Machine Overview




The rotor creates finely chopped haulm and deposits in the row bottom, making final harvesting easier and more efficient.


Heavy Duty Floating Linkage – designed to take the rigours of everyday work whilst still following the contours of the ground.
Heavy Duty Machined Rotor – rotates on Heavy Duty roller bearings, balanced to eliminate vibration
Heavy Duty Gearbox – with multi-belt drive to rotor
Heavy Duty Depth Wheels – self-aligning and fully adjustable for depth and row widths

Models available:
– 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″ and 36″ Rows.