Checchi & Magli Trium Module Planter

The Checchi & Magli Trium (Total Control) Module Vegetable Trans Planter is fitted with a ten cup rotating distributor to make feeding the machine easier.

  • Suitable for plants with very developed leaves e.g. tomato & cabbage.
  • The transplant units are independent & modular
  • The 10 cup rotating distributor ensures high output and standards of comfort for the operator

Types_of_Plants2_SMLApproximate output:
4,500-5,000 plants per hour per row (6/7000 with 12 holes distributor).



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Machine Overview

This unit has adjustable press wheels which give a greater accuracy of planting and is also fitted with a parallelogram which ensures all units plant at the same depth as it is fitted with a front flexi rubber wheel.

The units are driven by 2 large depth wheels which run behind the tractor wheels so therefore there is no wheel slip and this allows for a greater accuracy of plant spacings.

Optional extras:

  • Heavy duty toolbar built to required widths
  • Hydraulic bout markers
  • Canopy
  • Knife coulters
  • Rapid shift wheels for ease of adjustment of in row spacing
  • Extra carrying racks
  • Clod pushers

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