Strawberry Topper

The Edwards Farm Machinery Strawberry Topper has been redesigned since we took over manufacturing the Teagle Strawberry Topper. We have now developed the offset model.

Machine Overview

Standard Rear Mounted

This follows the tractor wheels and is PYO driven, has hydraulic depth wheels powered by the tractors external hydraulic service.

Offset Machine

This has been designed to enable topping of leg rows without damaging the tunnel with the tractor. This Machine is hydraulically driven and has an independent oil supply with a large reservoir to prevent oil over heating. The machine is fitted with hydraulic depth wheels so that there is very little pressure on the polythene sheet.

Dual Option

Offset and rear mounted machines can be coupled together to form the dual machine enabling two rows to be topped at once. Each machine can also be used independently.

Benefits of topping:
• Vigorous re-growth
• Reduce disease
• Reduced labour
• Tidy plants

Specifications of Standard Topper:
• Cutting Width – 1.35m 4′ 5″
• Overall Width – 1.95m 6′ 5″
• Overall Length – 2.05m 6′ 9″
• Cutting Height – 0 – 38cm 0 – 15″
• Power Req. – 15kW 20 HP
• Linkage – Cat 1 or 2
• Weight – 420kg 926lb