Oliver Rotary Inter Row Cultivator


Machine Overview

Oliver weeder 3Oliver weeder 2 oliver weeder 4 oliver weeder 5Oliver]

This rotary system is Hydraulically driven and can be used directly between plants without damaging the roots and leaves, uprooting the weeds and thus reducing the need for chemical herbicides.


The camera guided inter row cultivator has been built to enable the cultivator to steer its self through the planted crop, removing weeds and breaking up capped soils without damaging the planted crops.

Made up of packs of toothed disks to suit your crop row widths;

A) Teeth inclined in the opposite direction to the plant, protect the plant by compressing the soil outwards.

B) Sawtooth tilted teeth, arranged in the spaces not occupied by the seedlings, they perform the cleaning of the weeds.Oliver weeder 1

– The teeth penetrate 2/3 cm into the ground, preserving the collar of the plant;

  •    centre of row to next row 4.5cm minimum.

 Can work 10 days from planting.




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