Net Master / Plastic Master

The Edwards Farm Machinery Net Master has been developed for laying and removing net or plastic sheets.

The Net Master was designed and built for winding in net before harvesting the crop or as the crop grows and is less susceptible to adverse weather conditions. The net can be wound up for reuse or to be scrapped. Reusing the net is easy with this machine as it reverses the drive to put the plastic/net back down on top of a freshly planted crop.

Machine Overview

How the Machine Works:

Standard Machine for 2m wide sheet:

The net feeds over a roller before being pulled onto the rotating spool. The roller helps to remove and soil/debris from the net enabling tidier winding and less weight. This makes the net cleaner and easier to use next time.

The spool is driven by a variable speed hydraulic motor powered off the external hydraulic service of your tractor, so the tractor requires a flow/return system. The variable speed motor is used to match your forward speed which tensions the net on the spool. This machine can be fitted to the rear three-point linkage to lay the net and the front three-point linkage for removing the net. This machine can be used on the rear three-point linkage to remove and lay the net if required.

Wider machine for larger sheets:

This machine works on the same principle but has a hydraulically operated arm that can be used to feed the net evenly across the spool. The arm is fitted with rollers which enables the net to feed through onto a smaller and more manageable spool.

Both machines can be used for plastic or net.