Inter Row Cultivator

The Edwards Inter Row Cultivator has been designed for use by growers both large and small for cost-effective inter-row weed control.

It is easily adapted for use in many different crops and soil conditions. The cultivator can be made in any width to suit your requirements.


Machine Overview



The units are fitted onto a heavy-duty toolbar and can be easily adjusted to alter row widths and each tine or share is also adjustable on the unit. The units have an independent parallel floating system to allow each unit to follow undulating ground conditions at a constant working depth.
The cultivator units are available in 2 basic forms:

Spring Tine Unit
This comprises of 5 spring times complete with 1″(25mm), 4”(100mm) or 7” (175mm) points. This unit is ideal for most crops and soil conditions when weed control and a light cultivation are required.

Hoe Unit
This comprises of two 7″(175mm) L shares and one 7″(175mm) A share. This unit is ideal on small crops when weeding is a priority without too much soil disturbance. Discs can also be fitted.

To make the units ideal for each specific crop and soil condition a number of optional extras are available:

• Front depth wheel to control the working depth of the unit.
• Front or rear crumbler to control working depth or leave a firm tilth after weeding.
• Ridger body to ridge crops such as potatoes or to push a controlled amount of soil back onto brassica crops.
• Rolling crop protection guard which also has an independent parallel floating system, to protect small crops.
• 4″(100mm) or 7″(175mm) A shares in lieu of 1″(25mm) points to give maximum weeding and cultivation.
• Hydraulic steering if required.
• The machine is available hydraulic folding for ease of transport.

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