Heavy Duty Side Shift

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EFM Heavy Duty Side shift

The heavy duty side shift is designed for use with heavy machines, with high draft operations, such as ridging and bed-forming.

Different soil types, side slopes/ hilly fields can impose movements left to right on your tractor and its attached agricultural implement. This can happen in any cultivation process; this can’t be rectified by tractor steering.

EFM’s side shift attachment allows the implement to be GPS or Camera guided separately to the tractor with no sideways loads being transmitted to the tractor this allows the tractor to continue on its given path. Otherwise known as A, B line.

With the help of a GPS system such as Trimble or John Deere’ RTK systems, both tractor and the attached implement can be guided separately to each other because both have their own GPS receiver/ aerial.

EFM’s Side shift can be camera guided this is used for steering an inter- row cultivator / Inter row rotavator in a previously planted / established crops.

EFM’s Side shift system is hydraulically powered /controlled left to right behind the tractor. The tractor will be set by the operator to follow A to B line in a given field to be worked. But when real accuracy is required some growers/ farmers just the tractor guidance isn’t enough they require the implement to be separately guided but to follow the same AB line as the tractor. This is possible when using EFM’s system as the side shift system allows the implement to be guided/ moved through the soil without imposing any sideways action on or to the tractor, keeping both tractor and implement guidance totally independent.

This is achieved by using hydraulically operated soil penetrating discs to lock the tractor side of the side shift unit to the soil, two discs are used on the side shift unit one on the left and one on the right. As shown in Photos.

Also featured is access for a PTO shaft, by this I mean you can still use EFM’S side shift system when using an implement that require rotary power from the tractors Power take off shaft. This is a very good feature. If this was not possible it would very much limit the type and number of machines that could be used with a side shift system.

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