Comeb Stone Burier / Bed Former

How the machine works:

The rotor rotates in the opposite direction of travel, lifting the soil up and over the hood, and then grading it out through a comb, burying all the large clods and stones leaving a fine tilth for a seedbed. The machine will cultivate up to 8″(200mm) into the ground, and is fitted with heavy duty packer rollers.

Machine Overview


• Application of front discs, height and angle adjustable for bed preparation.
• Available with powered rear roller or rubber side wheels and roller packer
• It is possible to fit a formed hood that compacts the soil slightly and shapes the bed.
• Available with Bed divider from 100-500mm that can create one or several beds.
• The machine is available in different widths to suit bed width required.
• Different machines are available to suit horsepower available.