Checchi & Magli Wolf Transplanter

The semi-automatic Checchi & Magli Wolf transplanter has been specifically designed for transplanting vegetables, flowers, nursery and tobacco seedlings with conical, cylindrical or cubical peat balled roots up to 6cm in diameter, seedlings with bare roots, bulbs and seeds.

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Machine Overview

This machine can plant into open ground or through polythene into soil and can be attached to the rear of a polythene laying machine, so two jobs can be done in one operation.

This machine is capable of 2800-3000 plants per operator per hour in row spacing from 20-192cm and minimum row spacing of 30cm.

Optional extras:
o Heavy duty toolbar built to required widths
o Hydraulic bout markers
o Canopy
o Knife coulters
o Rapid shift wheels for ease of adjustment of in-row spacing
o Extra carrying racks
o Clod pushers

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