The Agricola Italiana range of drills have been designed for sowing a wide range of small seed crops such as vegetables, brassicas and herbs.

Agricola Italiana have invested a lot of time and money in research and development of sowing naked parsnip seeds which has proved to be very successful as shown by our many satisfied customers.

Machine Overview

The SNT3-290 is designed for triple line sowing and features three seeding units. Thus the benefits are better seed placement on the soil from only having one line of seed per disc.

This is the 2013 model and has 3 rows and 9 lines.

Clod pushers, rubber flexi tyres front and back recently fully serviced with all seeding units re-calibrated.

This drill has a vacuum cleaner type seed saver attachment so at the end of the day or when changing varieties the hoppers can be cleaned out so less seed loss.

We are the UK and Irelands main importer so have a wide range of spare parts available that we keep in stock at all times.