Agricola Italiana 620 Sponge Seed Drill (High Density)

The simple, linear, mechanical sowing machine, AI620, i­s designed to sow plants in continuous rows and is perfect for high-density salad crop such as spinach, beetroot and rocket salad.

Offers users an excellent compromise between­ simple construction and ease-of-use thanks to a mechanical variator distribution system.

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Machine Overview

Functionality: Possibility to perform row or broadcast seeding of different types of seeds, from spinach beet to rocket salad, without changing the distributor.

Distributors: The distributors may have 6 or 8 outlets.

Speed gear: The machine is equipped with 2-speed gears with 80 + 80 ratios allowing performing changes in the product quantity that one wishes to spread.


The seed drill is equipped with 2 stainless steel seed rollers with 320 diameter. Upon request, it is possible to assemble rubber coated rollers (340 diameter). Advantages of rubber coated rollers: They are turned on the diameter; the roller does not dent, if used on slightly rocky grounds and the earth does not stick to the roller in case of slightly wet grounds.

Adjustment of the seeding depth of the seeder blades

Thanks to a 4 crank adjustment system, it is possible to obtain a uniform adjustment of the seeding depth on both sides. The seed blades are oscillating, thus allowing avoiding more easily any hindrances. Moreover, it is possible to adjust their pressure on the ground.


Our microgranulator can be configured with 2 boxes each with 3 outlets for a total of 6 outlets. Distribution of the product in front of the roller through broadcast seeding units.